Fake Snow

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And by ‘fake snow’, I mean ‘unexpected mini-hail’. Z happened to be looking out the window when it started, so he was able to tip off the rest of us to take a peek-see. What can I say — we’re British. We obsess about weather. Add in the fact that some of us are at least part-Texan as well, and one could say we’re a bit properly obsessed, ha ha.

I have spent my day fighting off a headache. I’m pretty sure that dehydration is a contributing factor, so I’m making sure to up my water game. It’s… well. I still had to throw the heavy ammo at it to bring it under some degree of control, because blah. This too shall pass, but for the moment, it’s very rude.

For now, gonna slap on my bathrobe and get my warming up on. Drinking all this water is making me chilly!


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