The Colors, Duke!

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Of course, American folx of my generation will recognise that as a reference to a Popsicle commercial, ha ha. But as you can see, the other nail polish I ordered came in. It doesn’t photograph well with the in-room light, but believe me, they’re yummy. I’ve only done black on one nail to test its glossiness, as the listing claims that it has a unique lustre. I have to say that it is pretty darn shiny; Smalls asked me if it was wet when she came in because it’s just that shiny. So I’m fairly excited about that, and am looking forward to getting the other colours on my hand at some point soon.

For now, just sitting around basting in a headache, and thinking about chucking more caffeine at it. A part of me wonders if getting a few hours of extra sleep would do any good, but it would probably make things worse. *shrugs* Bodies eh? Fuckers.


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