Asking for a Friend

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I am starting to think that I am getting a little addicted to darning socks. I’m not sure I can call it exactly fun… satisfying? Zennish? The time I’m spending on these socks are vastly worth more than the actual value of these mass produced socks… but might as well practice on them before I have a need to do it with my hand knits. Plus, it’s a nice change of pace from the knitting. I do love my knitting, but that whole gave myself too many things to do at once… backfires. *chuckles*

Today has been a fuzzy-headed, headache-y day. I’m relieved that it was also a productive first day of the month work-wise. I got us in good position for my co-worker to either get the year end reconciliations done on Monday, or to leave them for me on Tuesday as he sees fit. So yeah, party.

For now, back to tending to this stupid headache, and keeping myself distracted.


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