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Smalls was feeling poorly today, so she ended up staying home with me. And she did a good job of staying curled up on the couch resting. I’m sure that I let her chain episodes of Horrid Henry helped keep her in situ, ha ha. She poked at Fortnite briefly with Z, and has since headed upstairs to rest a bit more. I hope that she feels well enough to go in tomorrow, since it’s almost half-term, and I want her to have as much time with her friends as possible before she’s stuck home with me for a week.

I completed my first run-through of the main storyline in Diablo III on my first seasonal character. I always expect to be bored redoing it, but it works out, especially since stuff you can do in Adventure Mode is pretty neat. I’m running some bounties right now, having just acquired my Kanai’s Cube. I don’t think I’ve done a Monk for a seasonal run before, so maybe I’ll get further down the season journey with this toon.

Right, off to other things.


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