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So, folx who know me know that I don’t really do phones. They’re really hard for me to use with my ADHD getting worse with each passing year. So I surprised the crap out of myself when my first response to reading a bit of news was to call my mother-in-law. *laughs* It was just a bit of gossip about a shop closing, and it turns out she already knew, but like. Who am I, and what did I do with myself, ha ha. For what it’s worth, I think she appreciated it, and I felt good about trying to reach out.

Other peopling today included, drumroll, meeting the new neighbours! She’s of the village, he’s of the town, and they both seem really nice. They know they have an open invite to pop in if they want to chat, or play our games, or learn to knit. They’re not moving in properly until the weekend, so that’ll probably be when Z and the girls get to say hi. I think I managed to do a decent job of saying hi without being too creepy, but who knows. *laughs* They didn’t run away screaming, so that’s a good sign.

Past that, it’s been a fairly generic working day. I got stuff done, I felt pretty good about it, and hope to build on it tomorrow. 🙂 For now though, the requisite gaming and knitting.


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