Making and Testing

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Today has been an edifying day. I listed the solar system bracelet and gave friends first dibs, and it sold right away. It looks like I’ve got to try and get two more made at the very least, so we’ll see how that goes. A degree of that is going to be getting the right lucky mix from the particular bead set, so. Fingers crossed for me, etc.

I also got another bracelet made, which I’m currently wearing and bashing about a bit. I’ve done photography, to include of my ‘sorry I am paranoid about knots’ gluefest mess, because even if it ends up with a friend instead of a stranger, I think everyone needs to know that it’s not the tidiest join. That will probably come with practice, and less paranoia about knots. *chuckles*

*drums fingers* Right, gonna go work on that teddy bear.


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