Positively Perky

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Oh okay, I realise the picture doesn’t look particularly perky. That’s fair. I still have a raging headache that I can’t shift, but! I woke up feeling kind of rested, which is pretty awesome. It’s certainly made me feel productive today, in that I got a couple of little chores done atop work. I’ll be blasting it again with pain meds before going out tonight, so hopefully I can take the edge off enough to people well.

Speaking of both people and knitting, the poppy yarn bombing on the suspension bridge in town was done today. The grand total ended up coming in at over 1,500, with several hundred of those showing up in the past day. I give mad props to all my fellow knitters and crocheters who made poppies, the other crafters, and a huge shout-out to the people who sewed them all together and made it happen. I’m pleased that it includes white, purple, and black poppies amongst the red.

Right, I’mma go goof off and do fun things now.


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