The Only Water in the Forest Is…

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… Well, you either know, or you don’t. Or you’ve run to look it up and go ‘ah’. Probably not, ha ha. I’m celebrating managed to drag my corpse through bath time by christening my newest leggings. I got them off of Wish, and they are actually a bit loose. Which is fine, really — I’d rather they have give than crush me alive. But yeah, they’re comfy and cute. Job done.

Less ‘job done’ is my stupid head. I’ve got a brutal headache that slammed in. I took pain meds, and am going to redose myself a bit early so that I am vaguely decent company for going out tonight. It didn’t help that the Tesco delivery showed up almost an hour early. The guy was really nice and apologised; he thought the gap was after the next delivery. Obviously, wasn’t going to turn him away, so I got most of it in before Z got home with the girls from school. I’m relieved that I didn’t cack it up. I am always worried that I am going to mess up on picking or refusing the substitutions and force Z to have to do more work to correct the order.

*rubs head* I think the edge of the headache is just about gone, so I am going to go back to zoning out.


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