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I survived my trip to the doctor’s office today. Like, it’s dumb. I knew it wasn’t going to be a big deal, but that didn’t change the fact that my initial blood pressure reading was super high because my default  The second one was fine, but still. *chuckles* He couldn’t adjust the psych med I wanted tweaked, so that means chasing down the folks who were supposed to give me an appointment, oh… two years ago. I know which cage we need to rattle, so it’s just the matter of rubbing a few spoons together and making that happen. I’m not going to worry about it right now because it’s too late in the day to do anything and I’m exhausted from having to do -a- thing like that, so.

I guess that’s it, really. I worked, I did the thing, and now I’m just wanting to get this done so that I can zone out this evening. Z has a meeting, so once I’ve got the girls in bed, I have some evening time to myself.


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