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I went over to a friend’s house today for a little visit, and to paw through her displays and crafting goodies. I, to my mortification, ended up keeping the fam there for like, an hour. We’d planned to go over, get things, pick up a few bits, and then home for lunch. Suffices to say, I had hungry spouse and kiddos. No real harm was done in the end, and it was nice to chat crafts, but yeah. Whups. *chuckles*

Otherwise, I’ve just been curled up knitting and gaming. Fairy Fencer F isn’t too thought-requiring, so it’s a pleasant half-assed grind while I do other things. It basically scratches the gaming itch I had — some sort of RPG like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest or whatever. I probably already had a number of similar games that I’ve forgotten about, but never mind. Never hurts to have something new.

*gets back to that*


2 thoughts on “Yon Goodies

  1. Raeyn Post author

    I can’t even be the slightest bit cross because we were having fun. And as the adage says, time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂


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