Much Improved

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Today, of all things, I finally managed to rub spoons together to wash my hair. It’s been more than a week because I’ve been feeling poorly. It’s fine once it’s all said and done, but that requires getting to the said, and then the done.

But yeah, knock on wood, I’ve made it so far today without having to take any pain meds. I only gave in yesterday because I’ve got a pinched nerve between my shoulder blades that occasionally plays up, and it was doing that yesterday and the day before. It still feels potentially tender, which means I’m going to have to be slow and careful in my knitting… and then probably still have to throw ALL THE PILLS at it. But hopefully not.

Hee, just had an unexpected surprise. One of my dear friends from way back in the day wanted to Facetime. I’m not usually so easily talked into it, but yanno, this is a friend who rates very highly. It was nice for him to get to say hi to my fam, and of course, I like hearing that I’m adorable (because yanno, I am). I don’t think I could do it every day because it’s a lot of focus, but it wasn’t so bad in that particular format on my phone. I was able to wander around while we were talking, and because I could see him, it was a lot easier for me to process the slightly choppy audio. So yanno, hooray for that.

Off to eat the things.


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