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Now that I’ve finished the shawlette, I’ve been doing a couple of small projects. I just finished one off (the variegated on top), and just cast off on a ‘one evening’ project. At least, that’s what it claims, but I know from past experience that it takes longer. Maybe if all I did was knit rather than knit while doing other things? Nah, never gonna happen. ¬¬

The kids are over at their grandparent’s house tonight, hallelujah. It’s the last weekend before back to school, so I’m glad that it’s happening. That and, yanno, it’s nice to have a break from each other. One of the things that has been really, surprisingly hard over the summer is them going to bed late, which means less time after they’re in bed to do the things. Considering I go to bed old lady early these days… well. Having that extra bit of time back on the normal doings of things will be awesome.

For now, back to le knitting and gaming.


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