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My purse broke while we were on vacation. It was a couple of years old and hard used anyways, so it was due a replacement. I spotted this beauty yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that it arrived today. It’s bigger than the one it’s replacing, which is excellent. I could cram a lot into it, but invariably its death was caused by the fact I cram more in than it can actually handle. This one has the size, so fingers crossed, it will have the endurance to handle my general purse detritus, knitting project, 3DS, etc.

I’ve done a spectacular job of doing nothing today. Well. I did do -a- thing. I washed and blocked the shawl I (mainly) did on holiday, and that’s currently doing its thing on the couch. I’m thinking that I will offer it as part of the 200 follower giveaway, because hey! Nice knitted wool shawl! Bright colours! Actually blocked! I think that it might help get those last couple of followers to file in… we’ll see.

For now, back to zoning out and knitting.


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