Accurate Sign is Accurate

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I wanted to share this picture the other day, but with the whole ‘laptop not recognising’ the internet thing, it was a bit too much of a drama. It’s working today, knock on wood, so I get to share Shanklin’s most accurate sign. I don’t know why anyone would call their salon ‘Booty’, but at least it made for lulz?

Speaking of shops, I made it down to Knit Knacks today, which was yay. I have my opinions about Strictly Knitting and Isle of Sweets, but Knit Knacks definitely was the one that pleased me the most. There was a good selection of wools at especially nice prices for quality workhorse wool, and I really liked the shop owner Vanessa. I got to hi/bye their Thursday crafting group, which was a nice touch, seeing how I’m missing my Pins & Needles peeps tonight.

Right, gonna scootch now before the net crashes on me again. ‘Sides, need to go get some ice cream. 😉


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