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I have done a good job of not moving today — A++ not moving, ha ha. I did eventually get to starting the photography for to list the things I made for the fete on the Etsy shop. I’ve gotten through the handful of extra adult bracelets, and have gotten a start on the kid bracelets. I got Smalls to stand still long enough to model -a- bracelet, ha ha. She was amenable to doing more, but I didn’t press because her mind had obviously drifted elsewhere.

Anyhoo, I guess my plans for the evening are to keep listing, and to make a surprise for mah friend Dee. We’re taking advantage of our craftiness to trade each other goods — because we can. She’s given me an idea of what she likes from my stock, so it’s a good place to start. Plus, bonus, gives me an excuse to get off of my arse and go for a tiny walk. Going for a tiny walk is a good thing for my crippled arse, yes yes.

I guess that’s about it. Off to make some gifty magic!


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