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I made a start last night on getting my stitch marker stock price tagged and organised. Looks pretty swish, non? Of course, I had less crochet markers to do by a fair old measure, so I’m going to be at it for a bit for the knit ones. Still, at least getting the bulk of it done this far out means that it’ll be much easier to organise as I add new things.

I have potentially overdone it today. I needed to change the cat litter over completely, so I figured I might as well brush and vacuum in there as well. Which extended to vacuuming the foyer. And starting brushing the cat fur off the stairs. And getting laundry washed. I’m not in particularly large amounts of pain; maybe forcing myself to sit and rest between bouts did some good. Or more likely it just hasn’t hit yet, and when it does, I’ll know. I’m going to take some pain meds before going out tonight anyways to be on the safe side.

I guess that’s about it. I’m going to go get my things ready for tonight, and try to get my head into gear to do some more tagging.


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