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So yesterday, Smalls went to the doctor about a few niggles. One of them was a lump on her back, which has been judged to most likely be a sebaceous cyst like her father had when he was younger. She’s getting referred for an ultrasound, and if there’s anything that needs doing from there, we’ll go from there. But it’s probably fine.

So of course, this morning I realised I’d joined the probable cyst party. I’d noticed a lump on my right hand/wrist join but just presumed it was that bony bit that sticks a tiny bit up at the point… it’s not. I finally compared it to my other wrist and like… yeah, no, that’s new. From what I can tell, it’s a ganglion cyst; it’s also not a ‘bad’ one, and might even go away on its own. My main problem is processing that it’s there and having to see it sends my brain into anxiety panicky bullcrap, because that’s how my brain ‘works’. So I’ve put a cloth bandage over it and am massaging it every now and again to encourage it to break down. I probably should consider booking in to see the doctor myself though, if only for reassurance. It doesn’t hurt and it’s not restricting motion, so it’s not like they’d do anything (unless mental health ‘damage’ is cause enough, which I somewhat doubt).

Past that, we’re waiting for the storm. It’s raining, but we’ve been ‘promised’ thunderstorms for over a week now. There was a real corker the other night, but I only woke up enough to hear it — I didn’t see it. So actually getting a chance to have the full experience would be pleasant to me.

Oh yeah, and the June subscription box has dropped on Little Who Studios. ngl, I’m getting this one ’cause unicorns.


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