45 Monies

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I know that part of starting up a business is spending money, but I still feel bad about every cent I do spend. *chuckles* Today, I got hit by two pits — business cards, and beads. With the former, the 50% off on Vistaprint ended today, and I’ve had cards sitting in a basket for over a week waiting for me to quit waffling and spend the reasonable price. I guess a part of me balks ’cause I remember when you could get free cards… waaay back in the day, ha ha.

So I did that, and then I emailed a eBay seller I was getting the shell beads from. It turns out they’re closing down shop, so I crammed in an order while it was still an option. I haven’t found anyone else online selling these shell beads, and I REALLY like the shell beads. I kind of sidewise implied that I would like to know who their wholesaler was, but like… I feel weird asking right out? I might at a later date because I don’t want to lose a source if I can help it. Heh, I’m talking like I’ve been doing this for ages rather than a month. 🙂

Right, I’m going to go zone out for a few minutes before I have to herd the childlings to bed. Z has a meeting tonight, so I’ve got bed duty.


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