Out Cold

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Z let me know when he got back from picking Smalls up from school that E was down for the count tonight. Which leaves me debating — do I stay, or do I go? I am tentatively going to make myself go just so I get back into the habit of it, but on the other hand, home is where the bra ain’t. On balance, the latter tends to have a lot of weight, ha ha.

Littler ended up staying in with me again today. She was definitely more full of beans than she was the day before, based on the number of times she was running back and forth between ‘her’ spot on the couch and my chair. We got some good cuddles on, and she even insisted that I play some Minecraft for her amusement. I made her wait until I was done working for the day before we did that, but it was enticement enough to keep her in my lap until her sister got home.

And yeah, she got some cuddles while I was working as well, but she wasn’t the main impediment to productivity. That came compliments of the internet going down off and on at the office. I still got more done than I thought I would, especially since the first thing I tried to do wasn’t straightforward. Eh. We’ll see what the bossman says about it; I dropped him a progress email so he would know to let me know if I messed anything up. That makes me smile, oddly enough — there used to be a time where I couldn’t take any criticism because I was expecting it by default from parties that should have been building me up instead of tearing me down. As far as bossman knows, I’ve always been keen to take criticism to improve my performance. If ever there was a sign of healing from one branch of my emotional trauma… 🙂

So yeah, still undecided on tonight. We’ll see how I feel after dinner.


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