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I know it’s going to sound weird, but that cut there on my eyelid? Completely intentional. Probably stupid, but intentional. You see, I started developing skin tags after Smallhausen was born — but only around my eyes. And this one fucker on my eyelid. I know that I should have probably gone to a doctor to remove it, but I had reached the end of my rope with its existence. And the existence of one under my other eye, but that one was removed more easily. Hopefully they’ll not come back, but we’ll see. There’s one on the side of my right eye that has respawned at least once to my dismay, so.

((add that to something that is either a zit or a fever blister on the side of my mouth, and I am a map of tiny stings))

I’m also way behind myself today. I got the work done, but I forgot to get the writing done. So I have to circle back around to that and finish my 750… only 623 words to go. *whines*


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