Two Times

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Today, I found out one of my co-workers refers to the IT guy as ‘Two Times’ — based on the fact that it seems to take him two times to fix a problem. All I know is that I’m annoyed (dis is annoyed face) because I have worked really hard to get my ‘chores’ done quickly so that I could dedicate more time to getting things caught up after the time sink that was handling all the December year ends. Hopefully everything will be working fine tomorrow… hopefully.

Still, I managed to get a fair bit done before the servers crashed out, which was pleasing. I’ve also had a nice soak, and I got all my ‘chores’ done before 11. That includes both lots of morning blogging, running KoL turns, and checking in on my dragons, and the girls’ dragons as well. I want to keep trying to tighten up how quickly I get through all of that, if only for the fact that the more stuff I get done earlier seems to have a direct correlation on my mental health. I find it slightly hilarious that anxiety and depression are forcing me to work even harder against the ‘ooh, shiny!’ that is ADHD. It will probably all blow up in my face somehow, but maybe it won’t (and maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt <__<).

I guess that’s the main bits. I’m feeling better than I was yesterday, so should hopefully be in decent nick for Saturday. Plus, I need to go do my pill box before I forget again, so. Dord!


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