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Well, I can’t say that I’ve gotten as far on the knitting, but it’s still coming along. I finished sewing up the final seam, and got the neckband picked up and cast on. I’m slightly annoyed because I am going to have to cake up a final skein, but it’s not the end of the world. *pats cake and declares victory*

One of the factors in not getting ALL THE KNITTING done was continuing to do work on the guest room. It is definitely officially usable now, though I would like to see it as done as possible. Z did some clearing out of the cupboards down here to make room for some things from up stairs, and has done a really awesome job clearing out a few different piles of junk. I added to the clear out by getting another fat bag of clothing out of the upstairs (my stuff and old baby/toddler stuff), and into the boot for him to take to a charity shop.

Right, my mind keeps wandering off and I should have finished this ages ago, so I’m off.


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