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I was working on my knitting earlier. It had reached the length that it was supposed to be. I had done the math for the start of the next section. I went to switch to the larger needles… and I’d been using them the whole time. Whups. So I had to pull back all my progress, re-cake my wool, and cast on again. It’s a tiny bit annoying, but less than one might surmise; the most annoying thing for me was re-caking the wool. As you can see though, it’s done, the cast-on is done, and I can start mucking in and get it going again.

And, bright side, it explains why the wool was getting used up so quickly. I had ordered more than needed (at least, I’m pretty sure), and it was on course to use up all of it and maybe then some. Going down to the right needle size means that less wool will get used up, so it should look less scary in that regard.

Beyond that, we’ve slowly started moving towards getting the house back in vague order. I’ve got one load to rescue from the dryer, then the laundry is pretty much completely caught up for the first time in a long time. Z started chipping at the toy pile in here, and while it’s still a total wreck, at least it’s a slightly more organised wreck. It’s a step in the right direction. We also have stretch goals, such as actually attacking some of the boxes that have been sitting around since we moved in (whups), though that could just be dreaming, ha ha.

Right, the kiddos are in bed. I should… something something.


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