Sure, Why Not

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If there is one thing I cannot help but admire in small children, it’s how they can fall asleep in all sorts of goofy situations. I realise that this isn’t that odd a set-up, but it was cute. I mean, doesn’t everyone sleep with one wellie on, tablet in lap, a light saber, and used lunch dishes? Really, it’s the wellie that slays me, ha ha.

My sister B emailed me the other day, which was good. I’d been thinking we were overdue for an exchange, and I guess she must have been thinking the same. I’ve just sent back my second novella, and we’ll see how she responds to this one. I… well. We managed to square up our relationship fairly well when she was out visiting last, but I’m still wary about expressing my vulnerabilities. In this letter, I mentioned a bit more about the whole chronic fatigue thing, as well as some other concerns that might make me look ‘mean’. I think it’ll be okay though. Who we are as people is quit ea bit different from who we were even a few years ago, and in that time we have both grown up a lot. I think we both relish maintaining and extending a deep and candid relationship. i just happen to have a high baseline of paranoia, and that colours everything a bit dark.

We finally had a proper storm last night. Like, clashing noises and flashing lights and it was pure bliss. We don’t get thunderstorms here like we did back in Texas, so I appreciate the rare times they do crop up. Usually, you might get two or three peals of thunder and a flash of lightning, so the fact this went on for a bit was extra grand. I was fighting sleep to watch it, but it was always going to be a losing battle, because I find violent storms soothing to sleep to (tl;dr made a conscious decision at a young age to love storms rather than be scared of them).

Beyond that, the head cold is starting to die… for me, at least. Z ended up staying home because it was doing a number on him. My poor love keeps pulling muscles from all the coughing, which is no fun. We ended up ordering a takeaway so he didn’t have to try to cook dinner, and I rubbed a few spoons together and got some of the dishes done. I should try to get another load through if I can before going to bed; hopefully writing it down here will remind me.

Or not, ’cause I’m off.


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