I Disagree, Pavement

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Really, since when is any stretch of asphalt a ‘great competitor’? Hrmph! I know, I know, it came from the Sports Day stickers that the village children went home festooned with. I spotted it on the way back from the village shop; I’d needed to pop in to get some washing up liquid. Smallhausen started telling me how it had to be a certain classmate’s sticker, and how she thought it got there. I told her while that could be the case, it probably wasn’t. Still, it made me smile.

I have managed to do the things I’ve wanted to do today, which is yay. Well. I had two things on my to-do list — dishes, and folding laundry. The former is done to a really good, everything bar like, two cups sort of way, while the latter is gonna languish until tomorrow. As I explained to Smalls on our little jaunt — I’m doing my best to take care of Z to the degree he normally caters to my crippled arse and then some, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still in this broken meatsack. I know that the level of catering that I’m putting out today isn’t going to be needed for many more days, so I’m more than happy to give it. 🙂

For now, gonna curl up with a cold beverage and enjoy the kids being out of our hair. I sneakily got them up to bed a tiny bit early… not much, but some. With some Dr. Who in our immediate future, and some good games around me (Minecraft and Sims 3 for the second), it should be a nice wind-down.


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