The Not-Quite Faceplant

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I was feeling the brain fog hard this morning. Like, it took me over half an hour of blinking before I could get my body moving out of bed. I felt a bit bad about it ’cause Z had to get Smallhausen to school, and there I was, unintentionally taking my sweet time. Hopefully I’ll feel more human after the weekend ‘rest’. We’ll see.

As it were, my day wasn’t exactly restful, ha ha. At one point, Littlerbit had gone upstairs with her tablet. I didn’t think anything of it immediately, but yanno, it was quiet, too quiet… and sure enough, she’d covered herself and a wall with Sudocrem. The wall is probably going to have a permanent water stain, and her hair is still kind of gunky, but it’ll suffice until tomorrow. I did also manage to make a minor start on chipping away at some stuff in the kitchen, atop work and making sure we ate, so yanno, gold star. that’s a lot on nearly negative spoons.

Knitting continues to progress in a delightful fashion. So far, the second sock’s pattern seems to be a mirror of the first, which is spiffy. I have a feeling that I am going to make some major progress on it this weekend, because it is fun to knit, and it is pretty, and I just am in love with them already — I want them on my feetsies. But also, finishing them means I can move on to my next two projects, being the pussyhat, and then there’s wool for a lace shawl from my Let’s Knit magazine that I want to do. I’m still not sure I’m really ever going to be a shawl-wearing person, but I’m feeling ready for the challenge it will likely present.

And now, it’s time for Only Connect, so I’m off.


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