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One of the more amusing points of the street corner being dug up is the road signs. This one here is directly at the end of our walkway, and I’m slightly miffed that Z won’t let me steal it. As it were, I find it mildly hilarious that they felt the need to put the sign in front of our house. Ours is not a thru street, so EVERYONE on the street is gonna know that there are roadworks on the corner. It’s hard to miss. But never mind, ha ha. I get that road safety is srs bsns, and I can’t begrudge it when it enables me to get funny pictures in my front yard — can you dig it? *rimshot*

Today has been a fairly chill day. Myself and Z went down to the pub by the river for a nice lunch, and sicced the girls on their grandparents for a few hours. I’m glad that this school holiday has worked out nicely for the girls actually getting to do more than sit in the couch and complain that I am not thinking up things to occupy them, never mind they have all sorts of neat things to play with. Well. I can also understand that it’s more a ‘Mom I want something *new* and novel to do’, but I’m like, the worst possible person for that, ha ha. Weather permitting though, I’ll let them burn off some steam in the back garden tomorrow, and hopefully think up something else a tiny bit different as well. We’ll see.

For now, I am crashing hard because today has been another long-ish (but good) day, and I am utterly shattered//exhausted. So zoning out, here I come.


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