The Bastard

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Well, not me. No. Even if I look like a bit of a knob. No, the bastard is my non-sunglasses. I was gently pushing them up my nose, and they just gently fell apart. We’re a tiny bit overdue to get new glasses anyways, so that just means we finally booked in our eye tests. And in the interim, Z is going to take the broken glasses to Specsavers and see if anyone can do an interim repair to hold me over until we can get new ones ordered. I should also try to remember where my last pair of normal prescription lenses are,  but I’ kind of at a loss for where I would have put them. I know where I kept them at the old house, but that’s not a valid location here… which just reminded me where they are — yay! Blargh, I’ve gotten blinder since then, ha ha.

As you might guess, it’s been a weird day with my sunnies on for all of it. I was really worried that I was going to get a migraine, because poor light seems to be a trigger for me. Everything is hilariously big and bright now. I’m sure it’ll mellow out tomorrow once my face gets used to it not being today. It certainly made trying to work an awkward prospect, but I managed to do a little bit. That was further influenced by just feeling like I’d been punched in the face by a truck full of sleeping pills. I’m hoping some of that lifts and I feel slightly less fatigued, but heh, might as well wish to win the lottery while I’m at it.

Past that, been trying to make myself stop looking at wool, and to start inventorying my stash. I’ve done the first drawer, which was… awkward. But it’s also one of the junkiest drawers, so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I might wait until tomorrow to do the next one, because I’d ideally like to finish my current gauge square so that I am confident in what size needle to start socking on tomorrow night. I’m currently thinking that 2.75mm is going to be the winner, but I want to go a wee bit further on this 2.5mm before I am confident. It’s like *waves hands* Normally I’m not THIS gauging-obsessed, but this wool is the singular most expensive hank I’ve purchased, and I want to treat it with reverence and best usage. We’ll see how it goes.

*gets back to it*


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