The Leaden Tease

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img_20161127_140524097_hdrThe sky was teasing me today. It was all heavy and dark and looking wintry, but alas, not doing anything but passing by the window. We’re going to have some sub-freezing overnight temperatures the next couple of nights, but no promises of anything snow-esque. There’s probably going to be a lot of complaining about not-snow over the next couple of months; I apologise in advance as a formality. I’m not really that sorry ’cause like, I’m British and Texan. I’m doubly obliged to be obsessed by the weather!

img_20161127_185735205Past that, I continue my gaming, and a tiny bit of knitting. I managed to get my back pain some sort of managed, and finished my gauge square. I’ve got the first row and a bit knit, and I’m hoping that I will pick up the pace on that once I’m a few more rows in. The first couple rows of knitting in the round are always a little bit awkward.

There’s a common ‘every knitter knows’ that everyone has a preference between knitting on circulars, or knitting on double-pointed needles (DPNs). I thought before I got into knitting in the round that I would prefer circulars and magic loop. And while I can and often do, I find the whole starting it off easier on DPNs. We’ll see how I feel about them after doing socks and Christmas ornaments on them. It might well push me to the point where I’m finally ready to think about the family set of sweaters I’m determined to chart out and make (determined being a loose concept here <__<).

Right, back to gaming/knitting things.


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