Snood v2.0

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img_20161115_170323217My wool order came in this morning, hooray! I made to make myself put off playing with it until after work-work. I did a couple fiddle arounds with it before asking the intended recipient what she liked best, so now I know the plan of action for the knittery. I’m glad, obviously — I’m hoping it will help me get my knitting focus back in order.

((Of course, Stardew Valley. ALL THE PLAY!))

The more important thing though, the thing I was hoping to tell yesterday I can tell today. My sister had a baby yesterday! It’s her first kiddo, and I’m just thrilled for her and her husband. I don’t really know what to say past that, other than yay. I’m looking forward to exchanging ‘war stories’ with her about labour, and just doing my best to be there to help her out if she wants it.

Right, gonna go zone out.


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