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img_20160925_201802769I’ve really done sod all today, which is fine by me. I slept poorly, I’ve got the vertigo still rocking, so like… moving… bad. Not moving, good. I’ve just sort of kicked back and continued on with Craft the World, and vaguely poked at my knitting. I finished the actual body knitting last night, so I spent a couple of hours frowning at sewing up the tiny-ass shoulder seams. I had to finally accept that the rib wasn’t going to be a uniform match. I mean, it looks pretty good, but I was hoping I could get it looking magically seamless. Oh well.

And then, THEN. I was picking up stitches on the neckline. I was very proud of myself because I’d figured out exactly how many stitches I needed for each section for the smoothest job. I did it… and then realised I’d screwed up my math and was ten stitches short. So freaking rude. The up side is that some of the stitches are still live from earlier, so that’s a chunk taken care of. And I know how many stitches I need each section to have now, but still. It’s annoying to have to go back and pick them up again. I know that the piece is going to look better from having the neckline picked up and finished properly, but still. *still*

Brain is apparently not working. It’s been like that a lot lately. I keep hoping that I’ll find that right combination of brain power and inspiration to rant and ramble on, but… *shrugs* It’s not there. Hopefully it’ll come if I keep making myself do this.


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