I Woke Up Like This

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img_20160922_205000068Well, in addition to being dead cute and all that, obviously. My working theory is that Batman attacked my hand while I was asleep; even with me injuring myself all the time and not noticing because of ADHD, there’s not really any other way I could have sustained a cut in bed. I’m sort of really proud of myself, because I’ve managed to avoid picking at it more than for a few seconds after I discovered it. I’m horrible about picking at cuts and scabs and zits and things. Now that my aging face is sprouting skin tags left and right, I’m just like… faaaaaaaaaaace. *claws at it and growls*

Still, it’s nothing compared to the annoyance of the continuing head cold saga. I just came over funny with dizziness and I’m like… really body, stop. I think I finally got the bunged up ear to pop for realsies though, so yay/we’ll see?

Colour not as pictured ><

Colour not as pictured ><

Otherwise, I’m just getting my head down and working on my knitting. I finished the body part while I was at Stitch ‘n Bitch last night, so now I’m working through the armhole decreases. It’s very yay/the end feels in sight sort of thing. I mean, there’s probably still several days to a week and change left before I’m done-done, but I like feeling like I’m nearly there. It’s finding those moments that keep me keep going on all these big projects that I keep tackling. I’m being good and avoiding thinking about what I’m going to work on once these two remaining projects are done, but they’ll be done before I know it.

Past that… trying to not get my head into thinking about what all I need to do tomorrow. I’m in a good place work-wise, so I need to think about tidying some things in preparation of Saturday. I’m always happy when plans come off without having to wait ages, but still… requires a bit of tidying on the fly. *chuckles* I was reminded last night that real friends don’t require a proper thorough cleaning, to which I assured her that wasn’t the issue. It’s more that life with two small-ish children means that mess tends to get spread around, so it’s just making sure to take the time to shove it back to something a bit more manageable.

Back to knitting and gaming then.


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