She’s Having a Baby (No, Not Me :p)

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Not me, definitely not me. Two are more than enough, and we are very committed to having an abortion if one should get past the Mirena coil and eventual vasectomy. Even if I occasionally have tiny wistful moments thinking of babies, I remember being in too much pain to sit, walk or sleep combined with the weight that each pregnancy has gifted me atop each other. ¬¬

Naw, it’s my youngest sister who is expecting in a few months. Which means, joy of joy for any knitter — a baby to knit for! Today I finally bit the bullet and did my pattern and wool shopping, so hopefully I will get stuff made before the kid shows up. Baby knits are super-quick, so the things that I have planned should, hopefully, be done in the next couple of weeks. I totally have longer than that, but I want them in place and ready before the little one makes his or her arrival. It will be a nice change from my languishing summer knits, to say the least!

Today has been a day of me doing my best to do little to nothing. I had a bath to try and unfunk my head, which didn’t really seem to do a lot… but hooray, clean hair? I did some thinking about my wardrobe clear-out, but didn’t turn that into action (outside of putting some bin bags on the stairs, which Z took up to our room). I should probably try to work on that a bit tomorrow so he can take them to the clothing bank outside of work on Monday.

One thing I’ve seen a lot the last couple of days is people having absolutely no respect for the word no. In both the cases that come immediately to mind, my friends had said something about their health, and then very clearly and explicitly stated that they were not looking for opinion or suggestions only to get rolled over by butthurt. I know at least one of the cases ended up in a ‘go ahead block me, I dare you’, which really, they were going to get blocked anyways for pushing their snake oil. Just because something works for you health-wise doesn’t mean it’s going to work for someone else.

I guess, especially in the States, you get people convinced of Big Pharma conspiracies, and presume that anyone taking medication from said sources are poor duped fools.

Yeah, naw. Fuck naw. Triple fuck naw.

I might take some vitamin supplements to my medication, but I take my meds because they give me a quality of life and stability that nothing else ever has. I am Mindful as Fuck™® without the whole Mindfulness bullshit. I’ve been applying the tenants of CBT since I was a teenager mumblety-ten years ago. My BFFFFF says that I can outlogic Spock, and I agree with him. That I kept myself alive for so long is a testament to that. But I am going to take my pills because it is wonderful to be able to experience emotions without worrying that it’s a sign of a bad thing. If essential oils and homeopathy work for you, bully for you. Don’t try and shove it on anyone else. That’s insulting and presumptive. I know what’s best for me, as do most anyone else with a chronic condition.

*stifles a yawn* Right, butts.


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