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IMG_20160805_160925Today, after getting led on a merry spirally chase by our sat-nav, we ended up at the steam train just in time for its pre-lunch trip. Perfect, non? Had a ride, had some food, and then rode the other train going the other way. That’s where today’s cover image comes from, by the by — for some reason, we keep running into condiments telling us exactly what they are in such a blunt fashion, and it amused me. Reason enough to use it, really.

That was, of course, after an early morning session at the arcade. We wanted to hit the tuppence slots before people crowded in there so we could milk them of tat, and milk them we did. We ended up with four little rev-back cars, seven yarnie figures, and a suspiciously silver C-3PO. Still. Between the enjoyment we had from feeding coins into the slot and the prizes we won, I think we all agree that we came out on top.

Screenshot_20160805-190610Now, we’ve been here the better part of a week, and we had yet to eat dinner at a restaurant. My mother-in-law gets her head into tizzies and convinces herself that things are going to go terribly wrong, so it took some finessing to get her to agree it was a good idea. And, I suspect, she was feeling justified in her concerns when the first place we went to had changed their opening time from 5 to 6. And THEN didn’t even flip their sign to open, and was confused when people came in (when they’d unlocked the door) to request menus. It didn’t take us as a group long to say never mind, and scootch up the road.

Really, the next restaurant along the street was ideal. I didn’t get to butcher the corpse of a crab as I desired, but I had a nice lasagna, AND was perfectly situated between two Pokéstops. It was very satisfying to be getting a decent restock of balls, AND! As the sharp-eyed might have noticed there, I hit level 20 today, so I was starting to get a minor stock of Ultra Balls. Not really that many because I was using them to catch things that were yanno, hard to catch, but still. I have more than I started with at levelling up, so that’s good.

That’s enough for now. I am going to go destink after a day out in the daystar.


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