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I have no idea what the frack is going on, but my phone seems to have bit it. Well. The things that I do it I can’t do, which pretty much circumvents the whole phone part of it that I don’t use. To get my Instagram fix, I’ve been using my long-neglected digital camera + Bluestacks. But like… it’s not… Read more »

Not Impressed

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Well, I’m happy that I finished the socks. I look forward to wearing them in the next day or two. No, what I’m not impressed with is my phone. I love my phone, but apparently the camera doesn’t work now. Outside of snapping shots of my 3DS and the Shiny Pokémon I’d gleaned today, the socks were the last picture… Read more »

Nearly There (Times Two)

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Today has been a fairly productive day, hobby-wise. My Pokédex nears completion; I am only four shy of 100% at this moment (now three shy, as one just arrived via GTS). I am now trying my luck to get one more of the four via the trade system, but the other two are 100% a functioning of levelling. Well. I… Read more »

Birthday Butt

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Tomorrow, dear Smallhausen will be seven. Blah blah, where does the time go, blah blah. I’m… not the most sentimental of people, I admit. I do feel a teense sentimental about this because oh haaaaay, my firstborn child levelling up. That’s something. She got a huge laugh out of Z this morning when she slapped her hands onto her cheeks… Read more »

Totally Tubular

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Har har har, I slay me with my terrible jokes. But the tubety leg part of sock the second is almost done, which is most pleasing. I knocked out about a third of it last night at Stitch ‘n Bitch, and am most of the way through the third third of that part. I’ve got about three rows, and then… Read more »

No Words, Not Really

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Today was the day the hammer came down. Today was the day we lost Carrie Fisher. As rough as all the deaths of 2016 have been for me, this has been the hardest by far. I’ve called her ‘Momma Carrie’ almost as long as I’ve carried my bipolar diagnosis, and my non-existent bucket list included two things, one of which… Read more »

Testing a Theory

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With it being the school holidays, Z is once again trying his luck in getting Littlerbit to sleep in her own bed. He’s been herding them up to bed early and reading them several stories as a cooldown period. I have, for the most part, sat side-saddle for it because I wanted to show solidarity. Today… feh. Today I feel… Read more »


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I have almost nothing to say about today, which really, means that I’ve done today properly. I knitted, as the picture hopefully indicates. I’m not too far off of finishing the first soak, though I’ve done like, *maybe* four rows today. I’ve been grinding breeding in Pokémon and playing Tropico 5, which has kept me rather busy. Z had spotted… Read more »


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Today, I encountered my first Shiny Pokémon of Generation VII. Unfortunately, it’s a freaking normal-type looooooser with limited potential. I complained about it on Instagram and actually got a reasonable trade offer… but I turned it down. Even if Dillhole is a dillhole, he’s my first shiny of the generation, and I’m not going to let go of him. I… Read more »

Werk It

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Today has been a good day in the work sense. Littlerbit was cooperative in getting down for a nap, I got my writing done, and I got lots of work done. I ended up working fairly late all told, but I didn’t mind. I want very much to get as caught up as possible by the end of this week,… Read more »