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Boo You Lamp

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In some ways, our little jaunt to get lightbox objects was successful. Z picked out a nice sheet of posterboard, and one of the women who worked at Hobbycrack was able to locate the particular craft knife he wanted to buy (the retractable kind; they were hiding somewhere). We were less successful when we checked out the home store next… Read more »

Grandad Conehands

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We, the six of us, went out for a family meal this evening. The girls were well-behaved (as always), and Granddad solicitously offered to help them eat their desserts. So they both gave him their cones, and focused on their ice cream. I don’t know know if he was amused that they took him at his word… I know I… Read more »

Table for Four

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Today is Z’s birthday. We opted to do a family lunch, which was the first time we’d done one since we were on vacation a few years back. The food was excellent, the girls well behaved, and we’re in agreement that we should all do it again in the near future. We had fun quizzing Littler on shapes and counting,… Read more »


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Tonight’s picture is just the bread knife that lives on the kitchen table, complete with a few crumbs. Z likes to order baguettes for his lunch, so it sees a fair amount of use. Speaking of Z, my current gaming jag is compliments of him in the form of┬áHoly Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! I have to say that it is… Read more »

Stratford in Passing

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When we went a-visiting yesterday, the satnav sent us through the centre of Stratford for some random reason. We were lucky that it wasn’t too crowded, and I got to smile at the fact so many of the buildings have this sort of look that I associate with the first Elizabethan era. Today has been… well. I slept in a… Read more »

Meal With a View

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There is a place near to ours that I have wanted to go to lunch at pretty much since I moved here. Today was finally that day, and what a day for a view. And I am most sincere in that — it was very pretty in a bleak sort of way, which is fitting with it being winter and… Read more »

Crazy Weekend Face (Or Something)

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Yeah, tonight’s picture is what happens when I realise that it’s nearly seven and that I haven’t had any photographic inspiration all day… oh well. *chuckles* Still, it’s been a productive day. Work-wise I got a lot of statements and templates generated, and processed a batch of invoices. Or yanno, did the same generic stuff that I do every day,… Read more »

Seeing Double

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The last couple of days, I have been feeling sort of annoyed and restless as far as my daily gaming was concerned. Today I popped on Diablo III, fully expecting to be bored of it in seconds. I’ve not gotten bored after a few hours, so yay. And, bonus, it reminded Z to nab it for the PS4 while the… Read more »

Late Night Questing

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Last night after knitting, E and I had to detour to the supermarket on the way home. We had run out of bread, so it’s like hi, I will pick one up, jazz hands, etc. We had a nice little wander, and I managed to avoid most impulse purchasing. I did pick up some cookies, but alas, they turned out… Read more »

Yeah, Sure

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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of driving through the town centre yesterday, and trying to get a picture of the Christmas decorations on the light posts. It was still too light at the time to get a good picture, but you can sort of get the squiggly idea there on the right-hand side. Today, I had a co-pilot all… Read more »