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Today has been… something. We had a session at the trampoline park with some friends, which was pretty okay. It was my first outing in ages, and maybe not the best one for a first go noise-wise, but it was fine. I had my yarn, I had people to talk to, and a coffee milkshake. Coffee milkshakes make so many things better.

Less exciting was someone rear-ending into our guests’ car. One of the neighbours saw it happen and knocked on our door, so we were able to reconstruct and chase up the person who, oh, drove off immediately. My spouse grew up in this village. He already knew half the street before we moved in, and the person in question was a carer for someone he’s known since childhood. So yeah, they were quite happy to let us have the information for their carer’s agency. Other neighbours were happy to check their CCTV for any evidence (and found some good, clear footage of it). So when the hitter tried to waffle up their story and tell our people one thing, after telling their agency another, and none of it matching the truth… whelp. So yeah, not an adventure any of us wanted, but at least if it was going to happen anywhere, this was a good place for it. And thankfully the car was still driveable.

Right, gonna go finish off a bracelet and try to wind down.


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