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Halo is looking very fluffy right now. He’s not that fluffy, but he’s fluffy enough. He’s fluffy enough that I started having a panic that he hadn’t been sampled for his blood test, because I couldn’t see where they would have gone. Then I, finally, spotted a bare patch under his chin. Whew.

I’ve had a nice trickle of Etsy sales this month. Like, we’re talking a grand total of six sales across my two shops, but still. Better than nothing. I sort of wish I had the spoons to do the whole busy busy on social media thing, to try and bring my not-Etsy shop to peoples’ eyes, but. I can only do what I can, and it’s a hobby rather than putting food on the plate. I’m not sure what I would do if my sales expanded to that point. I would probably be free to pursue it, but. I like my job-job. It’s repetitive AF, and there’s something very zen to that. 🙂


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