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Today has been a bit of a fail of a day. We were late getting to the vets. The pre-appointment found that Halokitty currently has a heart murmur, so was in for a blood test rather than neutering. And then poor October, the Queen of Claws, had enough fleas that they wanted to treat her and wait before doing her procedure, for sanitary reasons.

I also found out something I’d been suspecting for some time — that anything you buy for fleas that doesn’t come prescription is shite in this country. Like, there’s a loophole that means OTC products don’t actually have to prove efficacy — which explains why our efforts so far haven’t completely eradicated the buggers. So we’ve got proper vet-strength meds for all four kids (the babies were done by the vet), and a room spray. Hopefully this sorts the problem. I refuse to be embarrassed about it because we have been working hard to counter it, with tools we knew were inadequate… yeah.

So yeah, completely knackered. It’s been a long day. But the babies are at home, everyone is fed, and I did manage to get a fair amount of work done. Hopefully a good night of sleep. Fingers crossed.


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