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I caught up with where I was pre-frog today, which is pleasing. Right now I’m trying to get my head around the heel that the pattern calls for, which is the jo-jo/yo-yo heel. I might just do a normal heel, I don’t know. I think I’ve found a couple of places that attempt to explain it, so it’s just a matter of finding brain spoons to make sure that it’s something I can follow.  I’ll figure something out.

I’m feeling less wobbly than yesterday, but still not great. I’m doing a semi-decent job of keeping meds going in my face though, so it’s not getting too bad. I hope that tomorrow sees it back off a bit more… not because I feel any shame for taking medicine to improve my quality of life, but because I’d rather just feel okay by default. *laughs* Silly, isn’t it. I mean, I know it’s not, but anyways.

Right, back to the fun things. Laters!


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