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I’d commented to Z that I had been tempted to buy some ridiculously huge googly eyes for our a/c upstairs — like, seven inch. He said three would be fine, and then acquired enough for me to apply them to all four a/c units. The ones in Smaller’s room have already fallen off, but I said I’d try to get some tape or glue or something to try and get them to stay.

But yes, fren. I got hit with a blessedly mild vertigo attack, which I think I’ve mainly shaken off. At least it’s pushed back enough for me to get this done, though of course, I take advantage of the fact that I can type well without looking. And yeah, gave it a bit more time, and it’s more or less pushed back… such a relief. Just wish it, yanno, didn’t happen. Bodies… they win no design awards.


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