Not So Smol

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Z spotted Raven crammed under the footstool. He’s getting a bit too big to fit in there, but it’s still cute to see kittenish things. They are definitely getting more bigger and heavier, but still. Baaaaaabies.

And while she isn’t their biggest fan, the advent of the kittens has been good for her. She’s slimmed down a bit because she’s up and down the stairs several times a day, up and down on various beds, etc. She came down earlier and yelled at me to follow her, then led me up to my room. Suffices to say, there was some bedbound pets and cuddles, and she was appeased. She’s eating well, and her coat is lustrous, so my initial knee-jerk panic thinking about Batman losing weight due to lymphoma was easily curtailed.

Been feeling a bit dizzy today, but holding it together. I don’t consider this vertigo thing licked by any means, in part because we won’t know for some time what the actual problem is. At least I can amuse myself by watching the government implode.


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