Mom, Stop

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I was annoying Poison by following her around trying to get a cute picture. Accidentally sat on a bunch of Z’s stuff that was on the couch, so hopefully didn’t break any of that with my massive Butt Power™®.

What I really should be doing right now is matching colours for the next flag cross-stitch. Upon reflection, I’ve decided to do three more gender spectrum flags to round out the six — bigender, demigender, and neutrois. I’m starting out with bigender, which requires a loooot of colour matching/picking. I’ve gone through my Anchor threads for the *first* colour (and have a list to pick through, gah), and need to do the same for my DMC. It’s tempting to put it to the side and do demigender, since that just requires me deciding on a yellow. It’ll be easier to do in a few minutes once Mum heads home, since I’ll have more space to sprawl my stuff out across.


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