Vast Improvement

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Another session with the declutterer, another section of our house more useable. There’s still work to be done here in the small bedroom, but it’s most of the way there. We paired that with reorganising the upstairs cupboard where we keep our Christmas decorations and suitcases, and yeah. The main sticking point is that we had already fully filled her car up in the first two hours, so figuring out what we could do *around* that. We’ve also tucked several bags in the garage to put in other bins or run to the tip… we foresee multiple tip runs next week.

But yeah, we’re happy, the declutterer is happy, and the children are happy-ish — Smaller has already requested to move in there and call it her bedroom. We’re not against it, but like… not this very second. We also had to shoot down her suggestion that we redo the wallpaper… not gonna happen, ha ha. For now it’s trying to wrassle up spoons over the weekend to do a bit more tidying up, and hoping that I don’t immediately dive into another fibro flare. I mean, I’m sure I *will* have one because I absolutely did more than I should have, even if it didn’t feel like enough. Not gonna beat myself up about it obviously — I already did that in the act of doing, ha ha.

Right, gonna go Sim it up, craft a little, try not to drool on myself too much.


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