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Showing Off

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I had a durrr moment earlier when I realised I could use my old phone to take a picture of my new phone to show it off. Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful, etc. It even came with a free bumper case of actual quality, which is what I’m using until the case I ordered arrives… tomorrow, I think. And… Read more »


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So, new phone, who dis? I took this picture on my second run to the postbox this afternoon, and like… camera, you’re so spiffy you see dust on my knees that I don’t? *laughs* But it’s faster and brighter and smoother than the previous one, and the literature with it is snarcastic, so I’ve a good feeling. But yes, two… Read more »


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This week is a bit mail-heavy in the loveliest way. My wool order came. My CBD oil came. We have new phones arriving tomorrow, and the cases later in the week. Yessssss. We ended up picking the OnePlus Nord (12g ram/256g drive), and yanno… should be fun poking at it tomorrow. For now, zoning out, and mulling putting the a/c… Read more »

Wrong Day

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I picked the wrong polish for today. It’s UV reactive, and we’ve not really had sun today. The big that’s coming through now is a bit too weak and evening-y to do much… maybe I’ll get a glimpse of its magic tomorrow. *claps hands* Right, gonna game and knit. There’s a chance I’ll finish this sock tonight! It probably will… Read more »


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My back has been aching all day. I’ve thrown pretty much everything but the kitchen sink at it, and no relief. I’m probably going to have to hit it with another dose of something codeine just to make sure it doesn’t stop me sleeping tonight. Rude? So rude. But on the other hand, pre-hurting means I didn’t do it any… Read more »

‘Cause Holibobs

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One of our mandatory ‘on holiday’ things is to have an ice cream cone every day. It fits, because our family holidays so far have been seaside-based, and there’s ice cream stands everywhere. We’re not able to get mine and Smaller’s favourite flavour easily (bubble gum), but Z tried and succeeded in finding something a bit different and special for… Read more »

Womp Womp

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Sock is slowly socking; I’ve been gaming more than anything today, as is only fitting. I am encouraged to try to make good progress on it, if only for the fact that I’m going to have a second ball of the wool I’d earmarked for socks for Smalls, and I think that should be the next pair that I work on…. Read more »


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It’s funny, but by happenstance I’ve been doing more shopping while this quarantine party has been going on. In most cases, it’s been important wardrobe replenishment that just happened to fall at this time. It’s very satisfying to get that sort of stuff sorted, yanno? My wardrobe desires are basic — clothing that covers my bod and is comfortable. Tick,… Read more »


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Holiday! Let’s… not move at all! *laughs* Naw like, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with not having to do anything for a few weeks… which makes no sense, but heeey, I’m Backwards Girl™® in all things. It’s fine though, really. I’ve had a nice day, just like… realising that I can do ALL THE NOTHING and somehow that was just. Anyways…. Read more »


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So, this is the sock as it’s going. I’m also currently re(re-re-re)reading Into the Drowning Deep, and am currently at the part of the book where someone is in a submersible pod in the Challenger Deep… so like, dark and water and stuff. Like, they’re suddenly relevant to each other, and that’s sort of cool and random. I shot a tweet… Read more »