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A friend of mine had bought this pen and I squeed, ’cause cute and spoopy and pin and glow and and. Alas, it was a friend in the States, and the shop in question charged 20 earths to ship them abroad. I’d put out the all-call to see if anyone was braving malls, and one of my friends hooked me up. :D:D:D Thanks Benty, you are always a good friend.

Today was the first day back to work… that went okay, more or less. I didn’t feel like I was starting on the back foot, so that’s something. Hopefully I can build on that tomorrow… we’ll see. I do feel happy to be back doing it after a few weeks off — not that I was unhappy before. Naw, the only thing I’m currently unhappy about is that one of my psych meds is really hard to get currently, and I worry about the return of ‘low grade’ (but still very crushing) depression if I run out.

What else… not much, really. Bit of gaming (Project Hospital), bit of knitting, bit of surveying… life as usual!


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