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I had a little something to take to the postbox earlier, so I left my hair down because why not. Why not, it would seem, is that the wind was still rather gusty, ha ha. I didn’t mind too much; it’s not like I’m still a smoker and have to worry about it catching on fire. Plus, it was a nice temp and gorgeous floofy skies, so why not be a part of it.

I also followed Z and the kids over to Z’s parent’s house for a visit. It was my first time being in the house since March (though not the first time visiting since). It was nice to be able to chat, once Nanny managed to extract herself briefly from the monopolisation of granddaughters, ha ha. And even then they fairly quickly followed her into the lounge asking to play games and things. I’m glad that they have such a great grandmother who does all sorts of fun things for/with them, but I also like it when I get to actually chat for more than two seconds with her. *chuckles*

Right, back to knitting, and stuff.


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