Autumn Sights

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I was delighted to clock this mushroom formation when we got into the office this morning. I didn’t get as good a picture as I wanted because I waited until *after* work, and there was a car in the way. Ah well.

And  we were to the office super quick this morning; we were at the vampires for all of 15 minutes. I sucked it up and didn’t suggest the vamp use my non-dominant arm (right), because as I’m getting older, I have to grudgingly accept that I am developing ‘tricky veins’. My right arm is kind of a bastard, ngl. The veins look friendly, but they’re not. I’ve gotten used to varying degrees of bruising there over the years.

Work was good, nice and quiet, setting a lovely tone for the day. There were only three of us in the office, and we barely spoke — bliss. The girls had after-school club, so we had a bit of downtime before Z brought them home. They got the pumpkins done for tomorrow when they got home, and now we’re all doing our various own thing.

Mine includes an annoying thing I’ve been putting off for ages — reinstalling the OS on my ‘big’ laptop. I don’t think it’s going to magically make the GPU show back up, but it will hopefully clear up some of the ghostiness that seems to have inhabited it lately. I think I’ve backed up and stashed the important things. I hope, considering that it’s 35% of the way through doing its reset, ha ha.

Right, I flee. Night y’all!


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