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I have a problem, a problem I share with all other yarncrafters — I’m addicted to yarn. I’m also a fan of amazing deals. So I was lamenting my temptation and suffering to Z, who suggested I go ahead and buy some with his blessing. He had a figure in mind, and I was in agreement that it was a good one. Well. I would’ve agreed if it were less, or it were more, but the value he had in mind matched pretty much what I wanted out of the deal to sate me. It means I’m failing once again in my quest to use up more wool than I bring in, but never mind.

That’s the main thing, really. Work happened; the server was back up, so that was the main thing. The only other thing of vague note is nail polish. I’d managed to chip my thumb, so I took my polish outside and touched it up. I’d grabbed the black on accident though, so there was just random… black. I figured I’d try to French tip it and pretend it was on purpose. I’m really pleased with how it came out, and might try my luck at doing similar on all the nails in future.

The nail thing is kind of important in one aspect — having polish on tricks my brain into letting me grow them out. I mean, they’re still super short, but there is just enough growth that they can do decent scritching. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to get them before my brain flips its switch and starts having panic attacks about having nails again, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

Right, I’m off. It’s knitting tonight, so hopefully body will cooperate in making that happen.


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