So Cleaaaan

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My hair had hit the point of being beyond disgusting, so it feels pretty awesome to have it clean. Getting the bathing thing done was nudged along by goodies from Little Who Studios; I’d ordered some stuff for someone else, and there were a few goodies for me as well. So that was super nice of them.

We are having drama with our new printer. One of the inks ran out, and our attempt to replace the cartridge so far have not worked. Granted, they’re not ‘genuine’, but they’re from reputable companies in that particular field. I’m worried that it’s an issue with the printer itself, which, lulz, we finally got rid of the old one this week. So things that I would normally print and mark up for work are being done in Photoshop, and it seems to be doing what I need it to do until we can figure this out.

For now, gonna go watch the footie and game. Aww yiss.


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